Kristin Hazen

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With over 20 years in the design industry, Kristin and her team have been featured in multiple national publications, and have won industry awards such as an Iconic Top Designer and Winner of the Kitchen Design Contest in 2022. KHD has garnered a reputation in AZ and beyond for their purposeful and elegant interiors and their exceptional client experience. 

Her creative juices first stemmed from her years as an accomplished pianist with plans to attend college as a music major. However, her deep love for the aesthetic of design was too high and ultimately led to her pursuing a career in interior architecture...But, bigger plans and the desire to craft her own unique journey led Kristin to strike out on her own in 2013, and she has been collaborating with her own amazing clients and the best builders and architects in the industry ever since. Thankful for her lifetime of passion for antique stores and flea markets, she looks to bring unexpectedly beautiful and unique pieces into each of her designs. 

After studying a semester in London, she developed a passion for travel which has led to frequent trips abroad to discover unusual pieces with a profound history and repurpose them into beautiful charming objects in clients' interiors that become a fascinating part of their home's surroundings. As it is said, determination pays off; therefore, she has spent her career striving to bring the most bespoke designs to her clients. This dedication to the art of design has led to numerous design awards for her work and attention to detail. 

Kelsey C.

Interior Designer

Kelsey is an accomplished interior designer with a knack for organization and a passion for hard surfaces. Her career journey began at Arizona Tile and flourished at Facings of America before finding a perfect fit at Kristin Hazen Design in 2021.

With a degree in Interior Design and a background in customer service, Kelsey excels in project management—an invaluable skill in our industry. She adeptly balances the constant flow of diverse projects that come through our studio, approaching each one with the unique attention it deserves. Kelsey is a crucial part of our vibrant atmosphere and exceptional team at KHD.

Kent H.

AutoCAD Technician

Kent brings a unique blend of expertise to the team. His educational background in Business and Golf Operations, coupled with seven years in finance, laid the foundation for his journey into the design world.

Joining KHD in early 2020, Kent found his niche in translating designs into tangible realities. His passion for the industry is evident in the diversity of his work—from drafting in the office to on-site visits and photo shoots—he remains as engaged and devoted no matter the job. Kent's meticulous eye for detail and unwavering teamwork make him an invaluable asset to us at KHD. He eagerly steps up to support any task, embodying the spirit of collaboration essential in our team's success. Beyond his design prowess, Kent enjoys time spent with family, playing golf, and on home projects.

Catherine H.

Process Coordinator

Catherine is the Process Coordinator at Kristin Hazen Design, whose journey from studying Elementary Education led to a pivotal role in the world of interior design. 

Catherine brings a unique perspective to the team. By nature, she infuses joy and creativity into the process, helping projects seamlessly take shape. Catherine's forte lies in her exceptional organizational skills, which have significantly streamlined KHD's furniture processes. Her proactive attitude and dedication have played a pivotal role in enhancing the efficiency of projects from initiation to installations, making her an indispensable part of the team's success.

Our Process


Our design firm handles all aspects of the design from concept to completion and we work hand-in-hand with our highly trusted and accomplished builders, architects and extensive network of vendors to make sure your home is exceptional.

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